Friday, May 17, 2013

Summer Gift Tags

I always try to give my students a little end of the year gift. They have worked so hard all year and I want to be sure to encourage them and let them know how proud I am!

Earlier this week I walked into Dollar General and saw a box of 24 bubbles for $3. Score! I was able to get a little treat for all 48 of my students for only $6! Score!

My gift this year will be a small bottle of bubbles with a tag that says ‘You blew me away this year!’

Last year I put together a package of KoolAide and a crazy straw with a tag that said ‘Have a Kool Summer!’ 

I have also seen on Pinterest giving a beach ball with a tag that reads 'Have a ball this summer!'

Go here to grab our summer gift tags for FREE!

What do you do for your students at the end of the year?

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