Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Digital Problem Solver App

*This is not an official app review. Social Express did not contact me to write about the DPS app, I just like it and wanted to share with you!

I am a big fan of The Social Express! My kids love using their app and it opens up great opportunities to talk about different pragmatic situations. In this app the characters use a DPS (digital problem solver) that helps them identify their feelings and allows them to select a coping strategy. 

This March I attended the SHAA conference and learned that there was a real Digital Problem Solving app you can purchase for .99 cents! I have been using it with a few of my students and it has been great! 

Students choose an emotion.

Then they can scroll through different coping strategies and choose the one they want to use. The Social Express character then demonstrates how to use that coping strategy. 

Mostly I find it effective because it forces my kids to slow down and process through their emotions (how they feel, what triggered that feeling, what to do with the feeling, ect.).

What apps do you like use when teaching your kiddos about feelings?

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