Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Seuss Printables

In honor of Dr. Seuss’s upcoming birthday we created some fun printables for the Pediastaff blog!

First is an artic game Cat in the Hat Says. Just print, cut out the cards and laminate. Then have a student draw a card. Then do as the Cat in the Hat says! He may say to say your target word 5 times and quack like a duck or to wiggle your arms! This game provides a way for students to work and move around! Click HERE to download.

We also have a Cat in the Hat rhyming activity for the little ones learning to rhyme. Just print, cut apart the red and white stripes, and laminate. Then instruct students to assemble the hats back together by matching putting the words that rhyme together! Click HERE to download.

Stay tuned for more Seuss fun!

Friday, February 17, 2012

The World of Apps

Better late than never! The Speech Ladies have recently entered the iPad world! We are still learning our way around the world of apps for speech therapy but we wanted to share a few with you that we really like! (Please note that we are not receiving anything for these endorsements, we just genuinely like these apps.) Many of these you can try out for free by getting the lite version.

Speech Apps:

Buddy Bear: Reasoning and Problem Solving

Articulation Station


Let’s Name Things (FREE!)

ABA Emotions (FREE!)

Actions from (FREE!)

Nouns from

Zoo from (FREE!)


The Entire Worls of R Flipbooks



BlackboardLite (FREE!)

Angry Birds (FREE!)

Tap Tap Ants (FREE!)

Frisbee (FREE!)

Gutterball (FREE!)

Race Penguin (FREE!)

Rope’n’Fly 2 (FREE!)

Where’s My Water? (FREE!)

Four in a Row (FREE and great for 2 players!)

BMX Stickman (FREE!)

Disney Digital Books Toy Story (FREE!)

Help us out and tell us what apps you love!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ned's Head

Lately the greatest ally in my speech room has been good ole Ned. Does Ned come to visit your speech room too?

 I can’t even begin to describe how much my boys LOVE this game. It is amazing what a group of second grade boys will do if you promise a few minutes with Ned at the end of their session! But beware, Ned is not for the weak of stomach. He has been through a lot and you will find everything from an alien to a dirty diaper rolling around in his head! The concept is really quite simple. I allow each student to draw one card from the stack, then with their eyes closed they must feel around for the object that is pictured on their card. If they find the object they can keep it and the card, if not, the card goes back into the stack. Whoever found the most objects in the end wins!

This game is easy to incorporate into therapy. For example, have the student say a target word/phrase/sentence before they can reach into the head, or have them make up a silly phrase/sentence about the object they found using their target sound. I have also used it with my students who were working on matching pictures to objects.  If they were able, they reached into the head to pull out an object then they had to find the picture that matched what was in their hand. For language kids you can work on possessives, expanding utterances (ant… big ant, sock… dirty sock), just be creative! Something else that I love about this game is that it came with several blank cards so that you can add your own objects!

If you know Ned, how do you use him with your speech kiddos?
For other ideas about Ned, check out Kristen’s post here.