Monday, May 21, 2012

The Question Challenge Card Game

* Sorry for the delay in posting. We have been fighting a power outage!

Have you seen all of the amazing reviews on Super Duper products that have been cropping up recently? My wish list is getting longer by the minute! Super Duper is no doubt my ‘go to’ company when I am in the market for new materials! My bookshelves are full of their great products! That is why we were thrilled when Carrie from Super Duper contacted us about a product review. She supplied the game, but the opinion is all mine!

What: The Question Challenge Card Game includes 300 color-coded question cards, 50 answer cards, electronic spinner, and 144 tokens.

Who: This game was fantastic with my older students 3rd-6th grade (you could probably do a little older or younger- this was just the age group that worked best for me.)

How Much: $44.95

Categories: Calm through self-talk, inferencing, determining perspective, cognitive flexibility, predicting, body language, questions in conversation, social encouragement, stating opinions, and sarcasm

Why I love it: Good for older students! Sometimes the materials I have are for younger ages and my older kids are not always challenged, but this really made them think. I also love that it has so many categories to choose from! And you can use parts of it such as the tokens, spinner, and answer challenge cards in other games! (I love when I can reuse materials in other ways!)

Why my kids love it: The kids were wild about the electronic spinner. (It’s the little things I guess…) And it offered a great way to have fun and still work on their goals!

How to play: 1. Pick an answer challenge card and follow directions. Once you answer your question card you may spin and earn tokens. Whoever has the most tokens wins. If I had a small group (1-2) then I did not use the answer cards and just the students use the question cards and earn tokens.
2. Give each player 7 cards. They spin to see how many questions they must answer. Once they answer they lay the card face down on the table. Whoever runs out of cards first wins!
To watch how to play go here.

Goals it met: Following directions, problem solving, reasoning, lots of pragmatic opportunities, vocabulary, expressive/receptive  language and it offered a great chance for my artic kids to practice their good speech sounds in conversation!

What I would change: Even though my kids LOVED the electronic spinner it takes a little while to land on a number. It eats up a little time, but the good news is you can turn the sound off if it is the 5th time you have played with it that day!

Tip: I found it was best to have a small bowl/cup for my kids to collect their tokens in. Otherwise, they just played with the tokens and they ended up everywhere!

Main Product Image

As a bonus don’t forget the Question Challenge Fun Sheets! These were great to give as homework and to use in the classroom! In fact, I had some of my students answer/complete the worksheet to earn tokens. And I love that you can copy from the book or print from the CD! It is $34.95.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

IEP Chart

Lions and tigers and IEPs, oh my! I am swamped with IEP season right now and know you are too! So I wanted to jump on here for just a second to share a little document that has helped me hold onto a small piece of my sanity. I try my best to document and keep track of all the papers I have floating in and out, and this chart has helped me the most.

To download it, go here.

What helps you keep up with all of your paperwork?
Check back in soon to see a review of an awesome Super Duper product and a cute end of the year gift!