Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tangled Tuseday

I was very excited when Amy from Major Speech Pathology Fun bya Minor Girl contacted me about doing Tangled Tuesday! I think this is a fabulous idea where we as SLPs can showcase ideas and products created by other SLPs. I am always amazed and inspired by the creativity and dedication of my peers!

I have been using Popcorn Category and Definition Activity in my speech room for a few weeks. I loved that this is the activity Amy sent me because one of my rooms is decorated in the popcorn theme! So it fit perfectly!

I have used this activity with my kindergarteners and 1st graders. They really seem to enjoy it and keep asking when I am going to bring them real popcorn! Ha! Guess I should get on that!

I have used this several ways. When I first introduced it to my students, we just used the popcorn category buckets and cards. Some of my students really need a concept broken down before they can follow multiple steps in a game. 


Once they caught on to identifying the category, then I incorporated giving definitions. Then next time we played I gave them the popcorn stash placemat to use. They acted like it was a totally new game then! I just LOVE when there is an activity they you can use multiple times!

I have a fluency student in one of my language groups (oh scheduling… you know how that goes) and I had him pull a card and use his fluency tools and make up a sentence. It worked great in the game! More bonus points for being able to use this activity in multiple ways!

I was so pleased with this activity and my kids were happy that I had a new way to present categories and vocabulary to them. (They had begun whining when I pulled out my trusty flashcards!) My one tip is to print a few pages of the popcorn pieces! My kids went through those fast!

This product includes 59 picture cards, 6 lose your turn cards, 6 go again cards, 2 student popcorn boxes, placemat, 4 category boxes, and 30 popcorn pieces.

This cute printable is only $5.00 on TpT. Stop by Amy’s store and get it here! Also, be sure to “Like” her on Facebook and stop by her blog to see what she thought about my ‘Answer Me, Maybe’ WH question activity!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Conversation Hearts FREEBIE!

Happy Valentine Week! Can you feel all the love in the air? To show our love and appreciation to all of you we have a FREEBIE!

Candy Heart Conversation Starters is a quick and easy way to get conversations started in your speech room. Have a student pick a heart and begin a conversation based on the topic or question on the heart. To make it challenging keep up with how many times your students can keep the convo going. Encourage them to ask each other questions and to respond with thoughtful answers. 

To download this FREEBIE go here! Hope you all get a box of candy hearts this week! They are my favorite Valentine candy!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Slap That! Articualtion Game

Around this time of year my kids get really antsy. They are already asking how much longer until Spring Break (I don’t blame them… I already started a countdown for the end of the year! Ha!). So I needed a new game that let them move around. And so Slap That was born!

How to play? It’s simple. All of the picture cards are spread across the table face up. Then the SLP reads a word card. The first student to spot the corresponding picture and slap it gets to keep the card. Once the student slaps the card they must say the word/ phrase/ sentence x number of times. The player with the most cards in the end wins.

If you are playing with readers, then print 2 sets of the word cards and have them find the word instead of the picture.

Beware of crushed fingers! While most of my students could play without getting too overzealous, a few needed reminders to slap the card and not their friend’s hand.

This game includes the k, f, and l phonemes. There are 24 words/ pictures for each sound position and 3 wild cards. Just print, cut, laminate and go!

Grab this game for $3.50 in our TpT store!

To win a free copy, just leave a comment telling us your favorite product from The Speech Ladies TpT store and your e-mail!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


It’s app review time! Mneemo is a new app created by fellow SLP Danielle Rico and her husband. This app is created as a memory matching game. AND it is only 99 cents!

There are several memory games out there but this is the first one I have used that kept up with the score! That is what my kiddos liked the best about this. What can I say, they are a competitive little bunch!

Taking a cue from Danielle, I incorporated this app into therapy by using it to focus on vocabulary. While it has some pre-loaded images Mnemmo allows you to upload your own pictures. When apps do this it allows you to really cater to a specific child or group. If you use different themes each week, this would be a great app to get! Each week you could load new pictures that correspond to your current theme. But beware that this means a little extra prep time for you. (If you are like me, some weeks you have extra time, some weeks you don’t.)

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You can also use it for articulation and upload pictures that target a specific phoneme.

By the way Danielle’s mother is an SLP too! How awesome is it to meet another mother daughter SLP duo?!

Enter to win our Mneemo giveaway below! We will choose 3 winners!

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Did you hear about the man who stutters that tried out for American Idol? I know we are way behind on posting about this, but just in case you missed be sure to check out the video below. I even shared it with some of my students who stutter just to encourage them!

It is a very sweet story about Lazaro Arbos, who has struggled with stuttering most of his life. The judges look very skeptical about this contestant when he first speaks to them. But I love to watch their reaction when he sings!

Did you share this with your students? If so, what did they think?
Be sure to check out the links below to read more about this story!

MSNBC – Why Idol Contestant’s Stutter Goes Away When He Sings
The Stuttering Foundation - He is Already a Winner

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Don’t forget that we are participating in TpT’s SUPER Sunday sale tomorrow! Get those wish lists ready! And be on the lookout for new products that will be posted tomorrow!