Thursday, October 27, 2011


Happy Halloween everyone! Since the big candy-filled day is right around the corner we wanted to share some fun Halloween treats! The first treat is easy and cheap! Our fave combo! It is also a tradition for the speech ladies. Cindy has been making these for her kids for several years!
First get a bag of suckers (works best if the shape is round), orange yarn, and a box of tissues.

Next, wrap the tissue around the sucker and tie off with the orange yarn.

Then add a ghost face and you are good to go! It makes a super cute treat! I always make sure to hand these out at the END of speech, that way the kids are good and sugared up for the teacher and not in the middle of your therapy session. (let me tell you how much my teachers love THAT… ;)

The next idea came from Skip to My Lou. This website is full of creative handmade gifts!

BOO you friends and other teachers! Just fill up a pumpkin with goodies like ingredients to make caramel apples, hot chocolate, or yummy candy, drop it off on their door, ring and dash! If you are doing it for teacher friends just put it by their classroom door when they least expect it, then they suddenly have goodies to share with the class! (Again - teachers are SUPER pumped about students having extra sugar!) The idea is not to let anyone know who “BOOed” them. Whoever receives the BOO basket has to pass it on with new goodies the next day. Before you know it everyone has received a special treat from a secret friend! Make sure you print off the BOO poem here. To see the full tutorial click here.

Please share what you do for Halloween! Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

We All Scream For Ice Cream

Everybody loves ice cream, even if it is in the form of foam! My SLP friend Aftyn has this great ice cream game, but I wasn’t sure where she got it from so I decided to make my own! Keep reading to learn how to make a FUN AND EASY ice cream game to play with your kiddos!
Step 1: Print out this template and cut out all the ice cream parts.

Step 2: Then trace the cones and scoops on to foam paper. (Foam paper can be purchased at any craft store. I would suggest getting colors that look like ice cream flavors such as white for vanilla, brown for chocolate, etc.)

Step 3: Cut out your cones and scoops! We drew some lines on the cones to make them look a little better.  Also, you need to make more half scoops than cones or full scoops because this is what you will use the most in the game.

The full scoops will go on the cone first and the half scoops fit over them so you can keep stacking up your ice cream! And that’s all there is! Cut out as many scoops as you want on different colors! How easy was that?!
How to play: Each player gets one cone. After they say their word (or whatever task you wish) they get to roll the dice and that is how many scoops they can add to their cone. The person with the most scoops at the end wins! We usually use a dice that only has 1, 2, or 3 on each side. You will needs LOTS of scoops if you use a regular dice. This game is great because it is generic, you can use it for any phoneme or language activity. I love to use this to talk about flavors. I am always amazed at how the concept of flavors alludes so many of my kids!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

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