Wednesday, July 3, 2013

SLP Link Up

Ok guys this is my first attempt at the SLP Link Up! I am excited to finally participate! It is such a cute idea! Thanks to All Y'all Need for setting this up!

Just - Laying by the pool! Taking advantage of as many sunny days as I can to get in some good pool time! 

Using - Instagram. I love this app and it is a great way to keep up with friends and take a peek into their life!

Loving - Fireworks! I have already been lucky enough to see some firework shows before the 4th! I love sitting on a blanket and watching these beautiful explosions!

Yummy - Home made ice cream! Some of my friends have been spoiling me by making delicious ice cream and inviting me over as a "taste tester'! 

Hope you have a great 4th!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Summer

I am hoping on today to wish you all a very happy summer! As you know, our blog has been very quiet this past month as we took some time to recharge and rest! We appreciate your patience with us and hope you all understand that every now and then we need to ‘unplug’ and make sure we are spending our days soaking up life! Here are some pics of what we have been up to lately!
Enjoyed a lake day!
Fed a zebra!

Took a girls beach trip!

I got a dog! Her name is Mitsy and she is a Bischon. She is one spoiled girl!

I have been traveling some and visiting family!

Be sure to check back soon for new posts and TpT products!