Monday, December 31, 2012

Winter Inferences

Check out our new product, Winter Inferences, on TpT! This packet includes four activities to reinforce lessons on inferencing. Your students will learn more about inferences through drawing, word associations, acting out situations, and determining if an inference is correct or incorrect.  It is 20 pages long and includes:

-          3 reproducible ‘Draw It’ worksheets

-          4 reproducible Word Association worksheets

-          27 Act It out cards (print, cut and laminate for reuse)

-          24 Scenario and inference cards (print, cut and laminate for reuse), one thumbs up/ thumbs down mat
Draw It: Have students draw a picture to answer the inference question. Then discuss the picture.
Word Association:  Have students write four words they associate with the picture. Then discuss the words they chose.

Act It Out: Students draw a card and act out the given situation. Other students guess what is being acted out. My students always love any excuse to get up and move around!
Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down: Each student has a thumbs up/ thumbs down mat.
 Draw a card and read the scenario and inference. Student determines if the inference is correct or incorrect and then places it on the appropriate mat.
I know my students need lots of reinforcement no matter what concept is being taught. I created this packet to give my students more opportunities to practice the skills they have learned! This is appropriate for 2nd through 4th grade.

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