Monday, December 17, 2012

Fables Reading Comprehension App

Lately, I have been using the app Reading Comprehension Fables Edition. So I wanted to share it with y’all! And it is only .99 cents! (This is not a review. No one asked me to write about this app. I just really like it and wanted to share!)

I use this app to target reading comprehension, auditory comprehension and articulation carryover. I have students read the story out loud and take data on their speech sounds, I have students read the story and then take the quiz if they are working on reading comprehension. I also have one student read the story to another student and then answer questions if they are working on auditory comprehension.

I have the Book One Collection which includes 10 stories. At the end of each story there is a 10 question quiz. You can purchase 2 more books as well.

My kids enjoy reading the stories and they even have fun taking the quiz. Most of my students are very competitive, so I sometimes have one student write down their quiz answers on a separate sheet of paper and the other student answers on the iPad. They love to keep up with who has the most correct answers. It is an awesome feeling to watch them want to succeed on a quiz!  

I love finding apps that are not necessarily “speech” apps but still finding ways to plug them into therapy!

What non-speech apps have you adapted to therapy?

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