Saturday, November 24, 2012

Winter Activities

Well, with Thanksgiving over it is officially time to start thinking about winter and holidays! Oh my, I get overwhelmed just thinking about all that needs to be done! To help lighten your load a little, we have created a few winter activities to use in your classroom! We hope they will help you save planning time!
Ornament Rhyme

We have had such a big response to our Dr. Seuss Rhymes and our Candy Corn Rhymes that we created Ornament Rhymes! Just print, cut on the white line, and laminate. Then it is up to your students to put the ornaments back together by matching the rhyming words. This activity includes 20 ornaments for your children to match! Learning to rhyme teaches children phonemic awareness, syllable awareness, how to recognize word families, how to decode words, and other skills!

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Winter Grammar: Singular and Plural Nouns

Help your students grasp the difference between singular and plural nouns! In this activity each student receives a singular and plural game mat.

Take turns drawing snowflake cards and placing them on the correct mat.

But watch out for snowman cards! Some snowmen will cause you to lose your cards and others will give you an extra turn!

This product is 10 pages. Grab it in our TpT store!

Don’t forget the FREE game addition! You can get it here! These cards help the students remember the difference between singular and plural nouns. I call them ‘cheat cards’!

Winter Sequencing

Practice sequencing skills with this activity! Each player draws a card and must correct sequence the event.

For example, a player must sequence how to make a snow angel. They might say, “First you lay down in the snow. Then move your arms and legs back and forth in the snow. Last stand up and see your imprint of an angel in the snow!” But be on the lookout for penguins that will swipe all your cards!

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Hope you enjoy these winter activities! As always, let us know if you use them!

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