Thursday, November 1, 2012

2 Myths and a Truth

I created 2 Myths and a Truth from the old game 2 truths and a lie. Have you ever played? I just switched it up! GIVEAWAY at the end!

 It is really simple! In my version a player picks a card and reads 3 facts. Each card has 2 myths and 1 truth about stuttering. The player who picks the card must decide which fact is true! If they choose correctly they get to keep the card. If not, they must put the card in the bottom of the stack. But watch out! An owl might eat your snail and you will have to put all of your cards back in the pile. The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins.
I created this game specifically for one of my 5th graders who stutters. Last year was his first experience with speech therapy. We worked very hard on all of the ‘tools’ he could use to produce smooth speech and he really started catching on! However, when the new school year started I realized I had neglected to teach any facts about stuttering.

For whatever reason, it had not occurred to me to remind of known facts such as ‘more males than females stutter’ and ‘there is no known cause for stuttering’. (To learn more about stuttering be sure to visit I realized that was a major FAIL on my part when I overheard a conversation between him and another speech student. It went something like this:

Student A: "Why do you come to speech?"

Student B: "Because I stutter."

Student A: "Oh. How come you stutter?"

Student B: "Because my grandmother locked me in a room and made me watch a scary movie when I was little."

YIKES! RED FLAG! I might have taught fluency techniques, but I had failed to teach about stuttering in general.
And please let me add that I spoke with Student B one on one later that day and he confessed that his grandmother did not lock him in a room. He just didn’t know what to say when people ask why he stutters. Since then I have done a lot of educating on facts and spent more time on how he feels about his stuttering.
To get this game go to my TPT store.

One lucky winner will get a copy of 2 Myths and a Truth! To enter leave a comment with you e-mail and what has helped you teach your students about stuttering!


Rebecca said...

This game looks really cute! I don't have many game-type activities for stuttering, although one of the materials I've used a lot is a "My Stuttering" book. We talk about different aspects of stuttering and the student writes in how it applies to them, like "I stutter when..." after we talk about facts about it. It becomes their own personalized book.

Talking With Rebecca

Cindy and Kristina said...

Great activity!If you get us your e-mail we will get you 2 Myths and a Truth!