Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How Do You Do Homework?

Happy Election Day! We hope that everyone got out to vote today!

After reading about how Kristin at Simply Speech set up her homework folders, I wanted to share my system too! And I hope you will share how you do homework! Please leave a comment!

At the beginning of the year each student gets a speech folder. I include a “Welcome to Speech” letter that gives my contact information and encourages parents to work on their child’s speech at home. On one side of the folder I staple a contact page (that I got from Speech RoomNews) so that the parents and I can write notes back and forth. I write down when their child has done a great job or if there is something specific I need them to focus on at home.  This is a great way to connect throughout the year, and since it is written out it also serves as a form of documentation.
My speech kids get one sheet of homework a week. If they bring the sheet back completed and signed by their ‘helper” then they can add an extra sticker to their sticker chart. They also earn stickers for good behavior/ participation in speech. Once they have 8 stickers they go to the treasure chest!

Sticker Chart

If a folder is lost, I will replace it only ONCE. But for the most part, my students are good about keeping up with it. This system motivates most of my kids to work on their speech /language at home. But I still have a few that don’t do their homework. I don’t stress about those. I have given them the opportunity and incentive, what they choose to do is up to them!
Treasure Box

How do you do homework?


Carrie Manchester said...

I work mostly with preschool and there is NO WAY they will keep up with a folder! I've been sending home monthly newsletters with a language calendar from the Moog Center for Deaf Education on the back (I wrote a post about it in September). This month I'm going to add a section for parent comments/questions/concerns & if they complete 10 out of the 25 activities, they can pick from the prize box. We'll see how that goes :) (PS, that's going to be tomorrow's post for me)

Cindy and Kristina said...

Newsletters are a great idea! I will have to remember that! Saw your post today! The parents communication sheet has worked great for me so I hope it does for you too.

Rebecca said...

I need to set up a specific system for homework, but didn't get to it this year. I just send home homework and notes as applicable and all of my students know they can do the homework and bring it back and they'll get an extra sticker. I like your homework system.

For preschoolers and Birth to 3, I talk to the parents all the time, so I leave monthly newsletters with ideas on how to work with their child when I'm not there.

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Mary said...

I love this idea! I will be revamping my homework system this weekend! I'm one of your newest followers, too! Looking through your blog posts, I can tell I will be using many of your ideas in my ED classroom! Thanks for sharing!

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ChelseaSLP said...

I tried HW folders last year, and it was too difficult for my kids to keep up with the folders. THe kids wouldn't remember to bring folders, they lost them, or they'd remember when they arrived in my room and then would want to go back and get it (wasting our precious therapy time).

My new system is connected with my behavior system. My students each create a name card (index card) with their name on one side, and their goals on the other side. Each time they come to speech they find their name card on the chart where they are stored, and place it in the basket. If they are a good citizen during speech, they earn 1 sticker for their name card. If they have returned a hw (assigned weekly) they earn an extra sticker. HW can be returned to the hw box in my room at any time - before after or during school, or slipped under the door. Stickers for hw and good citizenship are passed out at the end of speech. Initially, 10 stickers earns a trip to the treasure chest. Subsequent trips require 5 more than the previous goal. My treasure chest has toys, candy and 'experience cards' (lunch with me, 5 min on ipad, donuts with me, play with playdough). My kids LOVE this system.