Monday, October 15, 2012

iSpot Pro

It’s time for an app review! As always, the code was given to us, but the opinions are all ours!

I always love apps that encourage language and thinking. And iSpot Pro does just that! The player must first pick from 5 game packages. Then he or she will choose a level. There are 3 levels for each package and 5 games per level. The player will see a screen similar to this.

Then they must spot the differences! (Does anyone else remember when games like this used to be in the Saturday kids section of the newspaper? I loved trying to spot all the differences.)

The student will know how many differences to look for based on how many question marks are on the bottom of the screen. Once they find the differences the red question mark turns into a green check! If you run into trouble you can touch the light bulb at the bottom of the screen for a hint.

These pictures are great prompts to talk about differences/similarities, compare/contrast and sometimes absurdities.

I also have a couple of high school students on my caseload who have suffered from a TBI, so this was a great memory game for them to play! Overall, I found that this game was best for my older students (4th – 6th and high school). The differences in the pictures were too subtle for my little ones.

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Things I like: I really like that it is colorful and eye catching. And I like that it really makes the student concentrate.

Things I would like to see in an upgrade: Easier levels with more obvious differences for my little kids to find.

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Laura said...

Thanks for the review! I like that this app is good for older students.

I am still learning how to use apps in therapy. Mostly, it's been with younger students this summer, and the Stella books and Preschool Fishing Game were popular and elicited language.

Mayuir said...

Thanks Laura.

I have a couple of apps in development, that are aimed to help in therapy, so it maybe worth while, if you want, to join my facebook page, as I will update this with new developments, etc. The link is: