Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Donors Choose

Have you heard of Donors Choose? I first heard about it from Whitney over at Let’s Talk.

I must confess yesterday I had written a post and was all ready to talk about the project I had created on the website. I had planned to humbly ask for donations for materials to better serve my students.

 Then something amazing happened! I received an e-mail stating that my project had been FULLY funded in just ONE WEEK! I was FLOORED! Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards those that donated their hard earned money. Working in the school can be tough, but I am so encouraged by those who supported me because they believe in me and my students. An e-mail confirmed that my materials have been shipped and are on their way to my school! I cannot wait to use them!

I would encourage anyone in the public school setting, who is in need of materials, to consider creating a project with this site!

How have others generously supported you and your students? Please share!

A special thank you to for supporting this project!


CC said...

Yes! I got a $1000 project for a sensory room in my school fully funded in 4 days!! I was going to write a post about it at some point....

Major Speech Minor Girl said...

I now have had 2 projects funded- a language project and an articulation project! I need to write a post about it as well.