Monday, October 1, 2012

Welcome to the Speech Room

Welcome to the speech room! I always enjoy seeing other speech rooms so I wanted to share one of my rooms. I travel between two schools and I am fortunate to have a room at each place. I know some therapists are stuck in closets, workrooms and even in the hallways.

I inherited so many materials!
See the yellow folder on top of the red bookshelf? That is where I keep student's homework folders. I send homework once a week. The students return the folder to this spot and know to pick it up next time they come. When they return it they get an extra sticker (reward chart shown below). I know a lot of therapists struggle over if they sould send homeowork or not. My advice is to just not stress about it. Some kids are super about doing it and others will never do it. I only replace a lost folder once a year, after that it is up to the student. However, I do document who completes homework and who does not. This way if the paretn is concerned about their child's lack of progress I can encourage them to work at home with their child.

Please notice that the first two shelves are nice and organized, but the rest are a hot mess! Ha, ha!
I love the leopard picture above the bookshelf! It was made by a special needs student and given to me by my sweet mother.
 And the green bulletin board above my desk was a DIY project. Thanks Pinterest!
Let me just brag about my school... they got me a new computer AND a new printer!!!!! In the special ed world this NEVER happens! And y'all I didn't even know I was getting anything. I just walked in one day and there it was! Best. Day. Ever. Now if I could just get ink to appear on my desk...

On my whiteboard I have a calendar, rewards chart and my class rules. Students must earn eight stickers for a trip to the treasure chest. Stickers are given for following the rules and bringing homework back. The popcorn box holds my artic cards within easy reach.  Notice my Chicka Chicka Boom Boom worksheets on the right! Thanks Speech Room News!
I am so grateful for my window! I didn't get a good picture of it, but it makes my room so bright! My room at the other school does not have a window. Can you say dungeon? Hope you enjoyed your tour!
What is your favorite thing about your classroom?


Jenna Rayburn said...

So happy you used the Chicka Chicka papers!

Life in a Small Town said... replace one folder a year? I don't replace any! If they lose their book I tell them that their parents can buy one for them, or they can keep up with a piece of paper. I keep track of when they bring it back signed, too. I also give an extra sticker if they bring the book back signed; then they earn trips to the treasure box or fruit snack box (I alternate rows) when their row is complete without any sad faces. It works for me, and it motivates all of the kids; even the 5th graders!

Cindy and Kristina said...

Jenna, My kids had a lot of fun with the Chicka Chicka trees!

Life in a small town so glad you have a motivational system that works! 5th grade can be hard to motivate!

Rebecca said...

Nice room! What I enjoy about my room is 1)'s the largest speech room I've ever had (as opposed to an old storage closet), 2)my wall of cabinets - most of what I have has been inherited at this district and inside the cabinets looks like a hot mess, but hidden behind doors, no one knows 3) my window. I'd really struggle if I didn't have a window to look outside.

Talking With Rebecca

CC said...

It's fun to see other speech rooms! But those cinderblocks give me the willies! (not a fan of cinderblocks!)