Thursday, December 15, 2011

Some of My Favorite People

Today, I am taking a moment to brag on some of my favorite people. My fellow classmates! I just love those girls! Since I have graduated (woo hoo!) I can’t say I will miss going to class, but I will definitely miss them!

Sometimes grad school makes you feel like you are losing your mind, but my sweet friends were always there to encourage me and help me find my sanity! One of our final classes is Research Methodology, and let me tell you, this class is a doozie for many reasons! We take the semester to replicate a single subject study and then for the final, we present our findings. Below you will see some pictures from our poster board presentation night. (I know the girls are going to kill me for putting these pictures up, but they worked so hard that I wanted to share it with you!)

My Board

I hate I didn’t get pictures of everyone with their boards!

Our amazing professors had a holiday buffet ready for us! Yum!
The whole class. Congrats girls!


Katherine said...
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Katherine said...

Kristina, I LOVE this! Miss you tons! And yes, I still stalk your blog! =)