Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ornament Wreath

Have we mentioned our obsession with Pinterest? Oh my, how time flies when you are on that website! We have been inspired to get crafty and actually create some of the things we pinned! If you are not already following us on Pinterest just go to the right hand side of this page and click follow us on Pinterest!

No doubt if you are on Pinterest you have seen the ornament wreath. We made one and wanted to share it with you! Here is a quick tutorial for how we made ours!
·         Styrofoam wreath
·         LOTS of ornaments (it’s nice to have varying sizes)
·         Hot glue gun and glue sticks
·         Ribbon

This project is so simple! First, wrap your wreath with the ribbon (this is a step that we did not initially do, but after we started we realized it looks best if you do this first). If you want a bow on top of your wreath, go ahead and loop your ribbon through and add the bow to the wreath since this will be difficult to do once the ornaments are on.

Then hot glue your ornaments on! For us it worked best if you did it in 3 layers. For the first layer glue the ornaments on the middle of the wreath, the second layer on the inside circle, and the third layer on the outside of the wreath. It is great to have smaller ornaments and then you can go in and fill in any big holes throughout the wreath.
Beware: this takes LOTS of ornaments and glue sticks! We used about 56 ornaments (which we lucked up on at Goodwill for a fabulous price) and 12 glue sticks.

Then hang up and enjoy!

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