Friday, August 19, 2011

Dr. Seuss on IEPs

Ran across this poem while cleaning out my classroom. I have no idea who wrote it, but I thought it was cute and wanted to share!

Dr. Seuss on IEPs
I do not like these IEPs
I do not like them, Jeeze Louise!
We test, we check,
We plan, we meet,
But nothing ever seems complete.

Would you, could you like the form?
I do not like the form I see,
Not page 1, not 2, not 3
Another change,
A brand new box,

I think we all
Have lost our rocks,
Could we all meet here or there?
We cannot all fit anywhere.
Not in a room, not in a hall,
There seems to be no space at all.
Could you, would you meet again?
It is time to begin!

Please hear me speak
No, not at dusk. No, not at dawn.
At 4 P.M., I should be gone.
Could you hear while all speak out?
Would you write the words they spout?
I could not hear, I would not write,
This does not need to be a fight.
Sign here, date there,
Mark this, check that,
Beware the students ad-vo-cat!

You do not like them,
So you say
Try again! Try again! And you may
If you will let me be,
I will try again,
You will see
Say! I almost like these IEPs
I think I’ll write 6,003
And I will practice day and night
Until they say
You got it right!


Mary said...

I LOVE THIS! I'm definitely going to share it with my special ed teachers and other speechies!

Elizabeth C. said...

This poem couldn't be more true! I love your website, and all the material you've put up so far. Keep up the amazing work!