Monday, August 1, 2011

Brown Bear Brown Bear

Summer is starting to wind down! We can’t believe that it has gone by so quickly! Please forgive the recent lack of posts, we have been on vacation and trying to enjoy our last few days before heading back to work!
A few weeks ago we ran across a great reading activity on Skip to My Lou. Even though school is out, it is so important to keep exposing our kids to language and to do it in a fun, creative way!
We love the book Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See by Eric Carle! This book is repetitive and is such a great way to introduce some easy language concepts such as:
·         Point to the child while reading “What do YOU see?”
·         Point to self while reading “I see a…”
·         Point to eyes while reading “I SEE a …”
·         Talk about colors of the animals
·         Talk about the different animals and the noises they make
And torn paper collages are a great craft to go along with the book!
You will need construction paper (or if you want you can tear up magazine paper or paint paper and then tear it), glue, and a white sheet of paper.

How to make it: tear up the paper (kids really like this part!) then glue it to the white paper in the shape of your favorite animal from the book!

It is super simple but a fun literature activity! Don't forget that while you are making your collage that is a great time to discuss body parts, and parts to the whole!

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HearMyHands said...

I love the craft / language idea! I love resources to use Brown Bear and their related books!

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