Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Applying for Graduate School

Greeting readers! We hope that you are all doing well and psyching yourselves up to start another great school year that is coming all too soon!

To all of those undergraduate students who will be beginning their senior year (whoop whoop!) and starting to consider where they will apply to graduate school we wish you luck and lots of acceptance letters! We have come across a video from the LinguaHealth channel on You Tube that might be helpful as you undergo this process.

The Speech Ladies Tips for Applying to Grad School:

1. Cast a wide net. As an undergraduate associate professor I see so many students who only apply to one or two schools and then don’t get in anywhere. Apply to several schools, even if they are not your #1 pick, this way you can keep your options open.

2. Get good recommendations. We know that this seems like a given, but when you ask a professor for a recommendation, double check that they are going to say something positive about you! Also, professors LOVE it when you give them a neat little packet that includes a written request of which schools you need recs for, an early thank you, and an addressed/stamped envelope. And be sure to write them a thank you note after the fact as well.

3. Get those GRE scores up! We will not rehash this subject since we already posted about it. If you missed our GRE post you can read it here.

4. Visit your prospective schools. This is a tip that was given in the video, and we agree whole heartedly! If at all possible lay eyes on the schools you are considering. If you can, call the school in advance to let them know you will be stopping by. Many places are thrilled by your interest and are more than willing to give you a quick tour of their facilities. (Also, this is a great way to get your face in front of the people who will be accepting or rejecting your application. There are no guarantees, but every little bit helps!)

5. Study NOW! GPAs play a big role in the application process, so the best way you can prepare for your future is to study for your classes today! If you need extra motivation throughout the year, put a picture of your #1 school above your desk to remind you to stay focused as you study!

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