Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Into Speech Blog Hop

Happy Spring Blog Hop everyone! I hope you are enjoying a little tour of some amazing speechie blogs and racking up on the freebies!

We have created a fun activity to target contractions! Go HERE to grab the FREEBIE!

It is easy and fun to use! Just cut out each flip flop and laminate. Then have students match the contraction to the correct words! Students may self check by making sure the colors of the flip flops match. And don’t worry we included an answer key in the download!

For our reader friends who love folder games, this activity would be a great folder game! Just glue one flip flop from each pair to the folder (It’s best to either glue all contractions or all words). Add Velcro to the folder and the back of the remaining flip flops. Then attach a baggie to hold the extra flip flops and there ya go! Students can pull out a flip flop and find it’s match!

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Blog Hop Fun: If you are still fuzzy on how this works, it is very simple! At the end of the post you will see a link for the next blog to visit. Go there, and continue to stop by each blog (there should be 17 in all). Each site will have letters somewhere in their post. Collect all the letters and unscramble them to figure out the spring saying! On the last blog stop you can enter the Rafflecopter for some amazing prizes by just entering the ‘secret’ phrase!

Ok, now it's time to hop on over to Carrie's Speech Corner! Good Luck everyone! Be sure to stop by later for other posts!


Anonymous said...

I am loving this blog hop! Thanks for being a contributor. I will be using your Contraction Flip Flops on Wednesday!!! You are on my lesson plans. Thanks.

Abby said...

Thanks for sharing your cute activity!

Schoolhouse Talk!

Karen said...

Thanks, wow so many freebies!

Karen from AFVSLP

Cindy and Kristina said...

So glad you are all taking advantage of the hop! Thanks for all the positive feedback! Enjoy!

Speech2U said...


Speech2U said...

Thanks for the freebies!

Speech2U said...

Thanks for the freebies

Tiffany W. said...

Great Blog Hop freebie! Thanks for sharing!