Monday, April 29, 2013


Take a peek into my speech room this week! We are using Headbandz!


This game is great for working on:

Asking Questions – You must ask a question to gain clues to determine what you are!

Answering Questions – Players must answer question correctly to help their friendsz

Describing- You may have to describe what is on your friendz head!

Making Inferences – You must gather clues and use information you already know to figure out what is on your card!

Turn Taking- Take turns asking questions!

 My kids have a blast when I pull out this game!

How it works: First put on a headband! Then have another player put your card on your headband. Then you must ask questions to figure out what you are!

The game also comes with question cheat sheets to help students think up questions to ask!

Have you used this game before? What are some of your favorite speech toys?


Nicole Allison said...

I plan on using these this week as well! What a great way to increase questioning skills!
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Teta Logopedica said...

I like this game!

Teta Logopedica said...

funny and useful game!