Tuesday, January 15, 2013

No Glamour Vowels Book Review

I was so excited when Denise, Tera and Kristen contacted me about reviewing their new book No-Glamour Vowels! This book can be found at LinguiSystems. These SLPs saw a need for materials that targeted vowels and so they put their heads together and created this awesome book! You know that whenever a product is created out of necessity, it is going to be great and beneficial to many therapists!

The breakdown of the book:
This book was created to teach vowel placement and production. It is recommended for ages 4 through 12. It includes:

·         activity ideas (Yay! I feel like I am always doing the same activities with my kids. So thankful for some fresh ideas!)
·         A CD-ROM (If you are like me, this is ALWAYS important because the school copier will be broke every time you run down there to make a copy and therefore forcing you to print it from the printer in your room and using all your ink… good thing ink grows on trees ;)
·         reproducible worksheets in words, phrases and sentences for
o    long A
o    short A
o    long E
o   short E
o    long I
o   short I
o   long O
o   short O
o    long U
o    short U
o   hooked U
o   dipthongs.
·         Vowel  placement chart (Good reminder.)
·          techniques for vowel therapy
·         screener

Why did I like it?
Because just like the authors of this book I was very short on materials to target vowels. Not to mention I am always on the look out for apraxia materials too! And the worksheets were very easy to incorporate into therapy! I also shared it with one of my special ed teachers as she was reviewing the long A with one of her students.
In summary, if you are looking for a new way to target vowels this would be a great tool to use! You can purchase it from the LinguiSystems website for $43.95.

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