Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mad Scientist Inference Review

Have you seen all of the great SLPs on TpT? There are so many and I am always finding new products that I love!

 I was very excited when Kristine at Live Love Speech asked me to review her Mad Scientist InferencesPacket! And be sure to stop by her blog today to see a review of our new TpT product Answer Me, Maybe?

I can never have too many inferencing activities. I have several 4th – 6th graders working on that goal and this product seemed to meet their needs best. What I liked most about this product was the   ‘Graphic Organizers’. 

These pages allow students to write out their thoughts on what they already know and the clues they found in the reading passage. Seeing the information that way really helped my students connect their thoughts. Not sure about your students, but mine can often tell me WHAT the inference is but they cannot tell me the WHY or HOW they came to that conclusion. At first I printed off these pages for each student, but our county is short on paper so I laminated the pages and let them write with dry erase markers. The students always seem to have more fun with dry erase!


The packet also included 32 cause/effect cards, 48 social scenario cards, and 8 Toxic cards. To use these cards in a game I just shuffled in the toxic cards. Then the players can draw cards, if they pick a Toxic card they must lose all their cards. Player with the most cards wins. 

There are multiple ways to play, this is just what worked best for my language groups. Do you have this product? (Please don't judge this product based off my pictures... I no longer have colored ink, so B&W it is!) Let us know what you think!

*Confession – I used this activity for a few days before I laminated it… still amazed at how well just the cardstock held up! Trouble with laminating is that there is just never enough time! (And there is always that ONE teacher who gives you the stink eye if you use too much! Ha!)

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