Sunday, June 26, 2011

Movies We Love

Have you seen the King's Speech? If not, then you should! It will change your life (ok, maybe not your life but definitely your perspective on people who stutter). All of the “therapy techniques” the King went through blew our minds! Bless our client’s hearts! The things we put them through! So glad our research has led us to new techniques. Bonus points if you can tell us what Johnny Depp movie Gregory Rush (the speech therapist) is in! Check out ASHA, the National Stuttering Association, and the Stuttering Foundation of America for some great resources on fluency.
The Temple Grandin Movie is another amazing movie! Temple Grandin is an extraordinary woman who brings awareness to autism.

A picture of Temple Grandin and Claire Danes.
We highly encourage you to learn more about her story. It will shed new light on the way you perceive people with autism. We love this movie and thought they did a great job of showing how a person with autism views things (like noise from a fan and lights). Add this to your Netflix now! For autism resources go to Autism Speaks, the Autism Society, and the Autism Resource Foundation.

Both of these movies are a must see even if you are not a speechie! We promise that you will be entertained and get something from them!
Any movies you love that also deal with speech related issues?


Hayley Sells said...

In answer to the bonus points question for The King's Speech, the answer is: Pirates of the Caribbean. He plays Captain Barbosa. And yes, I watch way too many movies! haha :) Love you both!

Cindy and Kristina said...

Congrats Hayley! You win 20 bonus pts! You may redeem your points in exchange for a wink, a smile or a virtual hug!Thanks for playing!

Sarah Wood said...

The Diving Bell & The Butterfly is another great one! :)