Wednesday, June 22, 2011

File Folder Fun

I have an obsession with file folder games. They are just so fantastic! Why are they fantastic you ask? Well, they are inexpensive to make, kids love them, easy to carry around, and they don’t take up a lot of space! (And if you are a student, clinic supervisors LOVE it when you take the time to make your own materials!) It just doesn’t get better than that! I wanted to share with you some of my faves. Here are a few that I made on my own. First get some file folders. Colored folders tend to look better than manila folders.

I drew a spider web and pasted a pic of a spider (please try not to be jealous of my awesome drawing skillz). Then I took bug stickers, put them on circles I had cut out and laminated everything. I put Velcro circles on the folder and stickers so the kids can decide where to put the bugs! I know this is not really a “game” but it is a quick and easy reinforcer.
I stole this idea from my SLP friend Jennifer. You paste a piece of scrapbook paper that looks like grass to one side and a spider web on the other side. Then I cut out flies (or you could use bug stickers again to make it easier.)

I lay artic cards face down on the table and put flies under some of the cards. The student turns over a card and says the word/phrase/sentence and then decides if he wants to “save” the bug and put it in the grass, or let the spider eat it and put it on the web. I also staple a baggie to the back of the folder to keep up with all the little pieces since I didn’t use Velcro for this one. Younger kids really love this and almost always want the spider to “eat” the bug!
For this folder I cut up a functions worksheet I had and attached half of the phrase to the folder with Velcro. It was so simple! No doubt there are hundreds of worksheets you could do this with!
This is a SpongeBob Squarepants game that I downloaded from Perkilou Products. (Click on the name for a link or click on the link under Sites We Love.) My favorite part about this is she gives you instructions for how to make your own SpongeBob. It turns out super cute! Another free download from this site is the Scooby Doo game.
I definitely recommend checking her out as there are other free downloads on her site and she has great ideas and products to purchase!

My best tip on folder games is to laminate EVERYTHING- the folder and all of the pieces that go with it. (Well that and invest in Velcro! Ha!)
Ok, tell us about folder games that you use! More file folder fun to come later!


CC said...

Thanks for the email and link! I love file folder activities. There is a great free site that I use called "File Folder Fun" (same name as your post) that you should check out :)

Cindy and Kristina said...

Thanks CC! We added a link to File Folder Fun on the post More File Folder Fun!