Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Conversation Builder

It’s time for an app review! We have been using ConversationBuilder by the Mobile Education Store.

What does it do? It helps children learn how to have conversations! I have several children who are working on staying on topic and learning how to have multiple exchanges when talking to peers and adults. My students seem to be less intimidated when practicing conversations with through the app. I believe this can be a great tool for building up to better and longer exchanges with peers.  It also provides me with the opportunity to explain why certain responses may or not be appropriate.

What I like about it: I think the key to any speech tool is the ability to modify it for each student. And Conversation Builder has that element. You are able to pick how many exchanges you want, who initiates the conversation and the topic. I also like that it is visual as well as auditory. There is a picture for the student to see and you can record their responses. In the end you can replay the entire conversation. For some reason, this seems to be my student’s favorite part! What a great built-in reinforcer!

Have you used this app? What other tools do you use to encourage and guide conversation?
*They provided the code, we provided the opinions.

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