Thursday, March 15, 2012

Book Club Round 2

Hey SLPeeps! (Are you trending on twitter yet?) I know what you are thinking… WHOA! Two posts in one week! It’s been awhile since that happened! But don’t get too used to it, we aren’t making any promises that it will happen again!

First, be sure to hop on over to ASHAsphere and read there post on "The Best Speech-Language Pathology Blogs from A to Z". We were thrilled to be mentioned and even found some more awesome bloggers to follow! There is such a great community of SLPs on the web and we love how everyone is so willing to share ideas!
It’s time for our book club again! You may remember our post on Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford where we mentioned that she and her husband Captain Mark Kelly were coming out with a book soon. Well I finally got around to reading it and I give it 2 thumbs up! Gabby: A Story of Courage and Hope.

 As an Amazon review put it, the book is “told in Mark’s voice and from Gabby’s heart”.  It covers everything from how Gabby met her astronaut husband to the shooting, and her journey to recovery. While reading the book one main theme kept standing out to me. The theme was optimism. I was struck over and over again by the stories of Gabrielle’s optimism both before and after the shooting. And of course I loved the bits that talked about her experience with speech therapy!
While reading I found myself considering things from the perspective of the family and not the therapist.  I think that is key to keeping our compassion fresh and not becoming numb to what we experience at work day in and day out.
So to sum up, it’s a good book! Go read it!

And look what I saw today in twitter! An article about the SLP currently serving Gabby! To read the article click here.

Also, I wanted to share with you an amazing event that I was honored to go to last week. I attended an event for the AGAPE organization (click on the link to see what they are all about) and Captain Mark Kelly was the guest speaker. (Thus my bumping Gabby to the top of my must read list!)

I even got the chance to meet him and have my picture taken. He was very gracious and I took the opportunity to thank him and the Congresswoman for being so open about her experience with speech therapy. It was a lot of fun and his speech was very inspirational. And he has been in space...more than cool is that!?

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