Monday, January 30, 2012

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Chicka chicka boom boom! My kids can’t get enough of this book! Even my older ones don’t mind reading it! (Warning it has a very catchy rhythm to and you may find yourself muttering “chicka chicka boom boom” to yourself for the rest of the day!) 

Confession: I stole the following idea from Speech Lady Liz. Thanks for the super idea!

It is a very simple idea that I implemented when we came back from Christmas break. (You know, when the students have to come to school for 2 days at the end of the week and nobody is ready to buckle down just yet.) First, read the book with your students. Then, talk about which sound/letter they are working on in speech. Next, have the students make their own coconut with their letter/sound on it to put on the coconut tree! My students absolutely loved this activity! I told them once they have reached their goal they can take the coconut off the tree and take it home! Having the tree up in the room is a great visual reminder for the kids, since we make our coconuts they ask me if it is time to take theirs off the tree yet. It can also be used with language kids, just write their language goal on the coconut!

I wanted an activity that encouraged my students to take responsibility for their sounds and that would promote self-correction. One of my professors used to tell a story of when she started working at a school in the middle of the year, and none of the speech students knew what their sound was! If the child does not know what sound they need help with they will not be thinking of how to use their “good speech” when they leave your room!

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Awesome! Thanks for sharing!