Saturday, November 17, 2012

Minimal Pairs Ice Cream Scoops

We know it may be too cold to think about ice cream where you are, but The Speech Ladies LOVE ice cream even in the middle of winter!

Introducing Minimal Pairs Ice Cream Scoops! This activity targets minimal pairs. It is great for auditory discrimination and to work on articulation. It may also remind you of the Foam Scoops Game (I still use these all the time!).

To use this activity just print on cardstock, cut and laminate. Then give each student a cone. Blank cones and scoops are included in the download so that you can target other sounds too!

Then the SLP can read the word on the scoop and have the student identify which cone it belongs with. Or you can have your students read the scoop. If they say the word correctly they may put it on their cone. If they say it wrong, they must give the scoop back. The student with the most scoops wins!

This game is also a great opportunity to talk about flavors. I am always so surprised that kids have a hard time naming flavors. They usually just call it the color, for instance ‘brown’ and ‘white’ instead of chocolate and vanilla.

To get this game go to our TPT store. Enjoy!

Post about ASHA 2012 coming soon!

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m.stein said...

I agree - it's never too cold for ice cream!