Sunday, August 2, 2015

Rocking Social Skills Bulletin Board

Since we moved this summer, I am starting all over at a new school this year. I have such bittersweet emotions. On one hand, I was so sad to leave my old school because the teachers and administrators there were simply the best. Seriously. 
On the other hand, it is fun to start fresh and be challenged in new ways. Also, it means I have a new room to decorate! (Did you read that? I said ROOM people! No more trailers for this speech lady! Hallelujah!) 

A more detailed post is coming on my new room decor soon, but for now I wanted to share my self-made bulletin board.

Thanks to some serious Pinterest research I discovered the easiest way to create a bulletin board on cinder blocks. Just outline the space you want to use in painters tape, then put hot glue on top of the painters tape, and then attach fabric of your choice. Easy peasy and it won't tear paint off the walls! Principal approved!

Also, I fell in love with look of layering boarders! So cute!  Kinder Craze has the best tutorial on how to make layered boarders. 

I wanted this space to be cute, but also helpful in targeting student's goals. I created posters to be visual reminders of good soil skills. So many kiddos need to focus on pragmatics and this will be a great visual reminder. I am also hoping this will serve as reminders to my student's who don't necessarily have social skill goals in their IEPs, but continue to need cues or gentle reminders on how to best treat their friends. 

These posters added color to my wall and look so cute! I also included pages with a black and white background so save on  ink. You can grab Rocking Social Skills Bulletin Board Set in my TpT Store

And don't miss my Emotions Bulletin Board Set while you are there!

Or you can get both for a lesser price if you purchase the Bundle!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Catching Up

There is so much to catch up on! It has been a very busy year! This speech lady has gotten married...

Moved to a new city...

And will start my new job next week! I can't wait to meet all my new students! Here is a peek at my speech room before. I hope to show you the after picture very soon!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Time for Carryover

At times, carryover can be difficult to establish. If only we could follow our students around 24/7, reminding them to use their good speech sounds! But as my students like to say “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

So, out of necessity I needed a fresh, SIMPLE idea to encourage generalization. While wasting time on productively scanning through Pinterest, I noticed sight words printed on paper watches. Bingo! I took the idea and adapted it for speech!

These watches are fun and easy! Just print out the page with your desired phoneme, have student color and cut the watch. Then loosely tape the watch to the students wrist. Now they have a visual reminder of their speech sound all day!

I have found that this activity appeals mostly to PK, K, 1st and 2nd grades. It is fun and they enjoy showing off their watch to family and friends.

I have created packets for the following phonemes:

                                                             B, P,M



                                                        L,L Blends, W, H

Or you can purchase the Mega Bundle that includes all of the above sounds! You can find these activities and others HERE.

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Friend Ship

Music is a wonderful way to involve children in therapy. It can be used as a reward or as a teaching tool.

TheFriend Ship Music CD was created by Erica Bland, MS, CCC-SLP, to encourage social communication and emotional regulation in young children.

This CD includes 9 songs each revolving around an important social skill. Personally, I love that the lyrics are included for each song! (I would never make it on hose TV shows where you have to fill in the lyrics of songs…) I also love that the songs are short and catchy. Kids will learn the songs quickly and hopefully be able to sing reminders about using good social skills!

An activity booklet is an excellent companion to use with the CD. It offers multiple activities for parents and therapists for every song. I love that this can be geared towards parents. Nothing makes me happier than parent involvement (and I have found that children make progress faster when parents are on board!)

Overall, I think this is a very practical product that can eaily be incorporated into therapy. It is most appropriate for younger children (PK to 6 years old).

Click here to listen to a song! And click here to download it from iTunes.

I believe that this product would be a very useful resource to have in your speech room!

*Erica form The Friend Ship asked me to review this product. However, the thoughts and opinions are all mine!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Summer Fluency and The Ultimate Bundle

More summer homework! And this time it’s for fluency! I don’t know about you but I almost always have difficulty finding fluency homework. This Summer Fluency Packet includes 2 cover sheets so your students may choose one to color for their booklet.

Eight pages of weekly homework. Each daily activity should take about 10 minutes. And 3 bonus pages to use in therapy or add to the summer booklet. 

A letter to parents.

It is no prep! Just print and staple together a cover sheet, a parent letter and  homework pages!

Now you can grab The Ultimate Summer Bundle

It has all 3 summer packets! Articulation, Language and Fluency all in one product! So easy and it meets the need for almost every caseload!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer Language

You asked, we listened! A summer language packet is now available! The goal of this product is to make end of the year easier for you!

This packet includes 8 weeks of language homework to keep students engaged over the summer. Each week has 5 days of activities. Sequencing, predicting, fact or opinion, comparing and contrasting are some of the skills targeted.

2 cover pages are also included. Students may pick their favorite page to color. Then staple together the parent letter and 8 weeks of work and you are ready to go for the summer!

2 bonus pages are also included. You can attach them to the summer booklet, or use them in therapy.

I usually offer a special reward for students who bring their booklet back completed. Parents may check beside each day or initial it.

Don’t forget to check out the complete summer bundle, which combines summer articulation and language packets! Get both for a lower price!