Sunday, August 2, 2015

Rocking Social Skills Bulletin Board

Since we moved this summer, I am starting all over at a new school this year. I have such bittersweet emotions. On one hand, I was so sad to leave my old school because the teachers and administrators there were simply the best. Seriously. 
On the other hand, it is fun to start fresh and be challenged in new ways. Also, it means I have a new room to decorate! (Did you read that? I said ROOM people! No more trailers for this speech lady! Hallelujah!) 

A more detailed post is coming on my new room decor soon, but for now I wanted to share my self-made bulletin board.

Thanks to some serious Pinterest research I discovered the easiest way to create a bulletin board on cinder blocks. Just outline the space you want to use in painters tape, then put hot glue on top of the painters tape, and then attach fabric of your choice. Easy peasy and it won't tear paint off the walls! Principal approved!

Also, I fell in love with look of layering boarders! So cute!  Kinder Craze has the best tutorial on how to make layered boarders. 

I wanted this space to be cute, but also helpful in targeting student's goals. I created posters to be visual reminders of good soil skills. So many kiddos need to focus on pragmatics and this will be a great visual reminder. I am also hoping this will serve as reminders to my student's who don't necessarily have social skill goals in their IEPs, but continue to need cues or gentle reminders on how to best treat their friends. 

These posters added color to my wall and look so cute! I also included pages with a black and white background so save on  ink. You can grab Rocking Social Skills Bulletin Board Set in my TpT Store

And don't miss my Emotions Bulletin Board Set while you are there!

Or you can get both for a lesser price if you purchase the Bundle!

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