Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gift Ideas

This year we have secret sisters at one of my schools. It has been a lot of fun to sneak little gifts to my sister! All year I have been racking my brain for cute little treats to send her way. Below are some fun ideas I have used or plan to use! Also, these would make great teacher/ SLP gifts!

You are a POP-ULAR teacher/ SLP/ Secret Sister! Fill a popcorn bucket with popcorn and treats!
I am SODA-lighted you are my secret sister (or teacher)! Attach note to bottles of soda.

Thanks a LATTE for all you do! Gift certificate to Starbucks (or local coffee shop).
According to my calculations, it’s going to be a great year! Wrap up a calculator with this note.
Hope your Christmas is Merry and SPRITE! Attach note to a Sprite bottle! Can’t wait to uses this one next week!
You are a Lifesaver! Wrap up a box of Lifesavers!
Hope your Holidays/ week/ year is SMOOTH! Give a bottle of lotion.

Skip To My Lou also has a ton of fabulous ideas!

Last year was my first year working in a school and there were so many sweet teachers who took a few minutes to help me, or explain new things to me. I was so grateful for their help and these ideas would be a perfect way to say THANK YOU! I know I love when others find a cute way to say thank you or show their appreciation! For more secret sister/ teacher gift ideas stop by our Teacher Gifts Pinterest Board!

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Nicole Allison said...

Love this ideas-so creative! Thanks for sharing-I think I can still get one in this year!