Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Treasure Box

Ahoy there matey! Today we are off on a treasure hunt! Aaarrgghh!

Like so many of you I keep a treasure chest in my room to motivate my kiddos to work extra hard in speech, especially as the school year winds down and we all get summeritis. (Does anyone keep a treasure box for the teachers? Anyone?) While my students love to rummage through my box to find a small little something to take home, it can sure break the bank as the school year drags on. Sometimes I luck up on golden nuggets at goodwill or at the dollar store, but it doesn’t always keep my box full year round.

My solution to this problem? Treasure Box Cards! I go this idea from Pinterest sometime back and unfortunately I cannot find the original link.

Here is how they work. In my room each student has a stampbook (click to view) where they earn stamps for returning homework and good behavior. When they accumulate 10 stamps then they may choose a prize from the box. Now I have treasure cards they can choose from. The cards allow for things like line leader for a week (remember when being the line leader was the highlight of your day?), sitting in the teachers chair for a session (I didn’t think this would be a big deal but my kids go nuts over this), computer time, or 3 rounds of angry birds and more! The idea behind these cards was that they cost nothing! Just print them out, laminate and use!

Click here to download! (Please let us know if you have any problems viewing.)

Feel free to download the ones we made or create your own! What are some no-cost motivators that you use with your kids?


Anonymous said...

great idea! I give discard books from a couple of school libraries, teachers, and garage sales. The kids love it overall...but there are a few that just cannot be pleased no matter what the choice. This will come in handy. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Love the ideas, thanks! Several of my students are hooked on Bejeweled Blitz and Temple Run. Some like to be the "Teacher of the Day," telling me what speech or language targets to produce. I offer double stamps/stickers if they bring their homework back the very next session. Even lunch in my room is a treat for some students. Thanks again,