Friday, August 12, 2011

Crayon Wreath

Happy new school year everyone! We know many schools are starting back this week (including ours) and we wish you a smooth first week! As my principal told me at our faculty meeting, on the first day you just want to SURVIVE!
In honor of school starting back, we have a fun DIY craft that will look super cute in your classroom! The idea came for a crayon wreath came from pinterest (my newest obsession). It is inexpensive and super easy! (Our fave craft combo!)
Materials you will need:
·         12 in. embroidery hoop
·         9 in. embroidery hoop
·         6 boxes of crayons
·         Ribbon
·         Wooden pieces
·         Hot glue gun
·         Spray Paint (optional)

Directions: First, spray paint the hoops the color of your choice (but not necessary). Set the 9 in. hoop inside your 12 in. hoop and begin to glue each end of the crayon to a hoop (I put the tip of the crayon pointing out). It should look something like this:

Continue this all the way around your hoops. We did 2 layers of crayons just to give it a fuller look, but you can stop after one layer if you like! It is up to you! Then we glued the wooden pieces on top of the crayons. Add ribbon at the top and you are finished!

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Terra said...

I'm going to try this for my son's Kindergarten teacher. How many crayons are in the first row? I bought a box of 64 and doesn't seem enough. Thanks! Terra